HR Departments

Employee Benefits:

A user-friendly self-service portal for staff, allowing them to have complete insight into leave, absences, shift patterns and so much more.

  • Record leave requests in as little as 30 seconds
  • Access a detailed breakdown of leave entitlement
  • View past and present leave and absence records
  • Explore personal calendar via web or mobile - 24/7

Managers Benefits:

Managing your workforce in an efficient, fast, and intelligent way can significantly improve productivity. By utilising our leading Activ Absence software, you can gain better operational control and support for the day-to-day management of your direct reports.

  • Manage all staff requests from one location
  • Receive email notifications for leave requests
  • View colleague schedules via the department calendar
  • Receive reminder notifications for things like birthdays and probation end dates

HR Department Benefits:

It’s time to move away from time-consuming manual processes, paper-based systems and complicated spreadsheets. Activ Absence was built with people at its very core. We recognise cloud-based technology is rapidly evolving as is the way in which you manage your people.

  • Create tailor-made leave entitlement calculators for all types of contracts
  • Record shift patterns for employees scheduled to a rotating working pattern
  • Import Public Holidays to user’s calendars from a list of existing World-Wide dates
  • Create trigger points to alert you as to when certain events happen within the system

Organisation Benefits:

Activ Absence can be deployed with ease, whatever your needs we’re confident we can meet them. Activ Absence is adaptable and constantly evolving. Whether you’re a company of 10 employees or 10,000 employees we’ll cater to all!

  • Create and download extensive reports based on information within your system
  • Mass schedule events like Christmas closures using our department request feature
  • Create cover levels to automatically prevent too many employees from booking Leave
  • Absence can be used in multiple locations with each location having its own Leave and absence rules and configurations
  • UK-based dedicated Technical Support Desk contactable via phone, email, or live chat


Benefit from the wide range of features we offer within the system. We’ve streamlined all features to ensure that your daily tasks are completed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Save time with Scheduled Reports and automated Trigger Points alerting you when specific criteria are met within the system.

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Annual Leave Tracking

  • Book leave in as little as 30 seconds
  • Keep track of spent and remaining annual leave allowance
  • Book a leave request on any device, anytime, and anywhere
  • Request leave in hours slots, part days, full days, or date ranges
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Personal Time Off

  • Keep a record of every leave record
  • View who else is off when requesting leave
  • Ability to request any type of planned leave
  • Option to amend, cancel, or delete previous records
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Worldwide Capability

  • Location-based rules and configuration
  • Manage staff across the globe from one central place
  • Book annual leave on any device, anytime, and anywhere
  • Annual leave tracking is available in multiple different languages
  • Public Holidays added to your calendar that are specific to your region
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Time Off in Lieu

  • Easily record TOIL 24/7 - 365
  • Keep track of all historical records of TOIL
  • Easily record spent and accrued time off in Lieu
  • Keep track of TOIL using a separate balance to annual leave
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Unplanned Absence

  • Keep track of unplanned absences with useful scorecards such as the Bradford Factor
  • Ensure staff are fit to return to work by having them complete a self-certification form
  • Sign off on employee absences by creating and recording return to work Interviews
  • Create automated notifications for certain scenarios relating to unplanned absences
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System Integrations

  • Integrate Absence, Training, Documents, and Appraisals into one place
  • Benefit from our integrated Technical Support Desk via the live chat feature
  • Synchronise the system with third-party calendars including Gmail, Outlook, IOS, and Android
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  • Take comfort knowing we’re ISO 270001 certified
  • Configure who you want to be able to access specific parts of the system
  • All data stored securely
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Activ Absence is an online holiday leave planner and sickness absence management system. Often staff holiday planning and sickness absence are managed manually using paper & spreadsheets. This means a lot of admin for the HR team and it makes reporting a challenge. Activ Absence is designed to replace these measures by providing numerous benefits, and it manages other types of leave (like shared paternity leave, study leave, medical leave etc.) in the same easy-to-use system.

Activ Absence couldn’t be simpler to use, staff can request leave in as little as two mouse clicks and you can obtain reports instantly. We can even set it to automatically email reports at set schedules.

It is completely web-based, there is no software to download or install, and we look after all the servers and backups. Activ Absence can be used across all Web Browsers on almost any device.

Any number of different leave types can be managed in the system with its own rules and approval routes e.g. maternity, paternity, compassionate, medical appointments, etc. You can configure as many Planned and Unplanned Absence Types to your system as you want.

Whether their Working Pattern is changing from full-time to part-time, or just changing the hours worked, you can configure the system to recalculate their leave entitlements based on the configured policies.

You’re able to login into and access the Activ Absence System 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Activ Absence can be accessed from any device through a web browser, with a specific interface designed for smartphone access.

Calendars in the system can be easily synchronised to any standard calendar software supporting calendar subscriptions such as Microsoft Outlook, Google calendars, and iPhone/Android smartphones.

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